This video is a 1 hour session – but the content it offers is too good to let go without sharing with both GP’s, fellow practitioners and clients.

Dr Michael Yapko presenting: How to recover from Depression

Dr Michael Yapko gave this presentation in Melbourne, Australia, in 2018 for the general public as a special presentation organized by the Australian Psychological Society.

Although it occurred before the onset of COVID pandemic, the key points and skills he describes are every bit as relevant now as they were then. Many say COVID has made his point even clearer which is that depression is much more about one’s circumstances and perspectives about those circumstances than one’s biology.

This presentation has been widely viewed by more than 2.5 million people since 2018. The information and advice he shares is clear, and practical for everyone listening. Knowing what to ACTIVELY DO to manage depression is a welcome perspective for many.

Self management of depression is not recommended, not only because it is difficult to be objective about one’s own pain and issues, but more importantly talking with a registered and accredited psychotherapist, psychologist or even accredited hypnotherapist or counsellor gives us an opportunity to test our assumptions and perceptions with an objective third party who can do more than empathize.

I am a keen follower of Dr Michael Yapko and his approach to treating Depression – so if what you have heard from Michael resonates with you, or with your patients, then you know we will be able to work together effectively to treat and reduce the depressive episodes being experienced.

Not everyone likes to watch videos – so Dr Michael Yapko has offered, through the Australian Psychological Society, a transcript for you to read instead.

I hope you enjoy the presentation. Let me know what you think