Why Choose Changed Insights?

We do not use labels, or diagnoses, or mental health terms to describe what we do.

So what do we do? 

We  use different techniques to empower you to make significant changes in your own life, as you work towards your own goals.

Our Therapists bring their experiences as well as similar and different psychotherapy techniques. This means we are able to treat a range of problems, issues, and concerns. It also means we can choose which technique might work best for you.

We have specialized in  children, teens and parents who are caught up on the emotional rollercoaster of  separation, custody battles,  intervention orders, and domestic violence.

This means we are experienced in dealing with emotional challenges of  anxiety, depression, anger, trauma,  self worth, revenge and despair.

Children react with “poor” impulse control and behaviours… Teens act out with anger,  aggression, or withdrawal.

The “wronged” adult partner may feel enraged and unfairly treated, whilst the  other partner may be afraid, angry and also feel unfairly treated.

Unfortunately,  we see it all too often. Research is now clearly showing children who are caught up in family circumstances like these have difficulty building positive relationships during their life. They are also more likely to have anxiety or depressive episodes in their young adult lives. They are also much more likely to repeat these reactions in their own families – and so the hurt, trauma or abuse continues through generations of families.

We can help as we ...

Doing the work for relationships

Treat mental health situations

Different kinds of Anxiety ,
this may be General anxiety, Social Anxiety, Phobias, OCD or compulsive behaviours, Pre and Post natal anxiety, performance anxiety, health anxiety, stress, overwhelm and emotional exhaustion

Different forms of Depression,
this may be pre or post natal depression, general depression, grief

Domestic abuse and Violence
in particular children, including tweens and teenagers, who experience and are part of domestic violence situations. I also work with perpetrators who have family intervention orders and need to deal with emotional management and anger outbursts.

• Behaviour Challenges –
• For children who need behaviour modification support and coaching;
• For tweens and teenagers who are angry, withdrawn, isolating, aggressive;
• For adults who are angry, aggressive, dominating, and have poor relationship records.
• For couples who want to improve their relationship, learn how to make better decisions together, or separate without a custody fight.
• For Parents – who have a new baby, integrate families, separate families, are involved in ongoing custody fights. We support family members experiencing domestic upheaval or change; children and teenagers involved in custody battles; anger management; and family conflict.

We offer both Online Telehealth sessions – mainly for adults, as well as face-to-face sessions based from Counselling Suites, Maroondah Hwy Croydon, Melbourne. Children and tweens tend to be better in face-to-face sessions, whilst tweens and teens can manage Telehealth if there is no other alternative.

We do not treat addictions, weight loss, or stopping smoking .
We have strong networks with really great colleagues who can support and help with these issues.

Business and Life Experience

Some of our therapists bring experience from business and executive leadership positions.

We wish all problems stayed at home, but they do not. Senior Leadership positions held in uncertain times tend to trigger personal issues which then play out in team meetings, board meetings and power plays. This regularly results in dysfunctional leadership, teams as well as poor or unstable performance.

The resultant anger and frustration go home and get expressed there too. There does not seem to be a break in the stress and anxiety. Not good and not necessary for those involved.
The more stress and ambiguity within the business, the greater the chance of dysfunctional behaviours in teams. the greater chance of poor decisions and financial mistakes.
Working with Therapists who really understand the pressures and dynamics involved in the corporate environment is especially helpful in aiding quick outcomes.
Our Leader Support Sessions are confidential and based away from the work place.

Combine theory & experience

We too are human. We know how it feels to be stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. We understand the range of emotions which often feel out of control when dealing with our own family conflicts.
Wisdom comes from combining experience with knowledge.
Our therapists are registered and up to date with the theories and models we use to help clients get results.

Personal experiences provide a platform for authentic empathy whilst the knowledge delivers a route through the pain and challenges of the issue.
This rich contribution is available for clients seeking to find solutions together with us.

Change your life for the Better

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The only thing you can totally control, is how much you want the benefits of having  robust mental health. 

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