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Clinical Hypnotherapy works when it is unique to you ...
and your goals.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is an extremely natural, proven, and safe process when an accredited and trained hypnotherapist uses it with clients to help them change their behaviours, thoughts, emotions and actions.

A precise definition of hypnosis does not exist as it is such a highly subjective experience which varies from individual to individual. Accredited  Clinical Hypnotherapists combine your needs, with hypnotherapy interventions in order to achieve your goals.

It has to be unique to you

Most people describe a trance as a period of total absorption. A time of being powerfully focused on a stimulus, for example a thought, a feeling, a memory, an expectation, a sensation.

Whilst they are so focused, they find their brain selectively considers other things. An example is when we are in the shower and a really good idea comes to mind. It is almost as if different sections of our brain starts to work independently of others. We can do one thing whilst thinking about another. This is called dissociation and is totally normal.  

What is incredible about man’s brain is that all parts continue to work, are aware of different things and can connect with each other and function together.

Hypnotherapy in its simplest form, is using a person’s natural ability to go into a focused trance so parts of their brain can focus on, and attend to the message the therapist is conveying. 

Process Hypnotherapy

Process hypnotherapy takes Clinical hypnotherapy even closer to being unique to you and your issue. 

Process  Hypnotherapy in the 21st century  uncovers the process a person uses when they think, feel, make a decision and then act. Everyone has their own way of doing things – their personal process in other words, which they use to guide their actions.

Sometimes this  personal process is no longer helpful, might be missing important “steps”, might even result in decisions and actions  which enables mental illness and distress to exist.

Accredited Process Hypnotherapists are trained to uncover the unhelpful processes clients use and then train or coach more useful skills and approaches which are proven to lead to robust mental wellness.  

What does Hypnotherapy Give You

Process oriented hypnosis works because most people are not good at being focused.

They focus on an idea, an emotion,  or a problem often to the exclusion of everything else.

It is then no surprise when they do not see the opportunities around them, the beauty in their environment, the joy in their heart or whatever else is the opposite to their problem.

As a result, the problem becomes all consuming, and any solution seems to be non existent.

Improve Your Process

The challenge we have is most of us are completely unaware of How we do any of the steps in our process, nor in what order. These actions represent our personal process.

Separate from your story

Process-oriented hypnosis to helps you to separate yourself from your story – with all its emotions and facts. This gives some time to think differently about it's influence on your life. And how to change it too!
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Learn new Skills

Teaching clients is an integral part of any therapy, coaching, or counselling session. Process hypnosis speeds up your ability to learn and action new skills or approaches .

Distance from old habits

At Changed Insights, we use experiential learning – i.e. learning through your experience, AND then reflecting on that experience. This becomes your source of new insights and learnings.
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Positive Expectations

Being positive is different to having positive expectations. The expectations we hold of ourselves is a powerful force and has a significant influence on our experiences.

Connect to Positive Expectations

Having robust mental wellness, means being able to identify and reflect on our expectations so we can influence how we experience our circumstances – preferably in a positive way.
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Manage your Symptoms

When we feel stuck, overwhelmed, or “boxed in” our “symptoms” of poor sleep, unhealthy eating, constantly thinking in a loop, is exhausting and non effective

Relieve symptoms

Together, we use Process Hypnotherapy to gain clarity, make focused, informed decisions and choose different behaviours. It also plays a role in reducing physical pain.
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There are many other benefits which hypnosis offers:

  • Coping better in your life with less stress and drama,
  • Changing the mental and emotional anchors which hold you back,
  • Becoming more flexible and agile in your thinking process,
  • Controlling and reducing our anger outbursts, with fewer dramas to then manage and recover from,
  • Growing a sound sense of self and self esteem.

Resolve Emotional Memories

Process orientated hypnosis helps you to separate yourself from the intensity of the emotions connected to any event. It helps to think about them differently

Leave emotional memories

Process hypnosis gives us the choice to choose interventions which enable you to move past emotionally laden and challenging memories.
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Our imagination is our eye into our self. How clearly are we looking and understanding ourselves?
Basically, hypnosis can be used for any situation you find yourself in where you want to achieve a different outcome.

Make Effective Decisions

The definition of a poor decision is one you have made before, but then repeat over and over again , but expecting a different result.

Effective Decisions

Not all decisions are equal, nor are they easy. We identify which parts of your thinking process supports making good decisions. We learn how to overcome the actions we take which lead to unhelpful decisions.
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There are even more … 

  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Reduction  and management of physical pain
  • Control and change addictions:– drugs, alcohol, food
  • Stop smoking
  • Reduce dental procedure fears and pain
  • Hypnobirthing, using hypnosis for a less pain focused delivery

What is Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a way of describing an experience when a person is in a calm and quiet, sometimes relaxed, space – often called a trance.

You are in control of what you hear, think and feel all the time you are in a trance.

Do you know you probably go into a trance at least once a day, all by yourself?

This trance like state feels very similar to the time just before we go to sleep. We know what is happening around us, and our mind slowly quietens down.  Or how a runner feels that “ runners high” which they experience when running.  This is very trance like in nature – all the runner is focused on is running, moving along the path, breathing rhythmically and ignoring any pain. They are not thinking of anything else. They are “in the zone”.

Have you ever been the car driver who pulls up into their driveway, turns off the engine and suddenly wonders how they actually got there safely – they do not remember anything about the journey, driving the car, obeying the road signs? And they know they were not asleep. They were in a trance and were disconnected from their physical car. They were focused on thinking about something else. Driving like this is very dangerous!

Or even reading a very interesting book, watching a riveting movie. When we are so engrossed in the book or film, we genuinely cannot hear others call us, or talk to us. We have to pull ourselves back from where our mind was and “return” to our real world to talk to others. This too is a trance.


6 Steps to Healthy and Effective Hypnosis

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  • Dr Michael Yapko  – Internationally renowned clinical psychologist and educator
  • Gordon Young – Key influencer  and educator in Hypnotherapy and Strategic Psychotherapy in Australia

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