Enabling Capacity Building for NDIS Participants
to live in the modern world

Building our ability to handle challenges is what sets us up for success

Everyone strives to be independent. Most of us succeed when we have other people in our lives who help us to achieve our goals.  

We all need people around us to help us learn the skills, knowledge, actions, and confidence needed to succeed in our lives. This is the goal of capacity building.

People living with a disability need capacity building which is suited to their situation, their own abilities and to their desire to fully participate in their  own lives.

We support NDIS participants to improve all aspects of their lives by helping them overcome those mental barriers which get in the way of their setting and achieving their own life goals and outcomes.

This ties in closely with the NDIS intention – of  giving people with a disability more choice about how they live and more control over the decisions which affect their lives. 

The NDIS Capacity Building budgets are designed to help NDIS participants learn, participate and become more independent. 

 We understand NDIS participants are the key member of a team of interdependent practitioners

We connect and work with these critical carers’ and support coordinators to assist participants handle and overcome the emotional and behavioural challenges of daily living.

We work with participants who have Self Managed Plans,  or work with a Plan Manager.

We offer online sessions Australia wide.

We prefer face to face sessions in Croydon,  for NDIS participants within Croydon, Ringwood, Ringwood North, Warrandyte, Bayswater, Mooroolbark, Lillydale, Mount Evelyn, Mitcham in Melbourne Southern Eastern regions.

I am Barbara.  I am an experienced Capacity Builder for teenagers and adults who live with disability.

Each person might need different skills or knowledge  to empower them to live their life to their fullest extent. This is what I do.

I am a qualified psychologist who practiced in Southern Africa.

In Australia, I am registered Strategic Psychotherapist and accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist .

People are facing more and more complex stressors and pressures in our modern world . NDIS participants have additional challenges as they manage their lives whilst living with their disability

I combine different therapeutic and developmental approaches  to give NDIS participants a development plan which suits them specifically. 

This means  they are able to get quick, effective  and lasting results as they build their own skills, abilities, confidence and knowledge to create the life they wish to lead. 

Who says I am qualified – click here to see where  I graduated and how I maintain my professional expertise.

Capacity usually refers to the ability to do a “something”  so as to achieve a goal. It is highly dependent upon our  knowledge, skills, emotional ability and relationships with people who are interested in our success. 

Capacity building is therefore about building important life skills. Life is complicated enough. Learning critical decision making skills, relationship skills and daily living skills need not be hard or stressful.

Learning is easier when the topic is relevant, fun, interesting, emotionally rewarding and clearly leads to goal success. 

Who do we help?

Who do we help

We focus on supporting the mental health of individuals with:
• Impaired capacities
• Mental Illnesses
• Intellectual disabilities
• Children over 6 years old
• Acquired brain injuries
• Medical challenges

How do we help?

Create Positive Behaviour Support Plans

We use Positive Behaviour Support tactics to help participants with challenging behaviours learn how to minimise the impact their actions have on their lives and those of others around them.

A Positive Behaviour Support Plan is developed with each participant and their team of carers and supporters. It is unique to the participant and refers to intensive support interventions deemed appropriate and safe for NDIS participants so they may better interact with others during their day.

If restrictive practices are in place, or needed, the intention is to work towards reducing these practices over time.

Enable Psychosocial Recovery

Psychosocial Recovery Coaches work with participants and the people close to them to learn how to manage the complex challenges of day to day living. These may include:
• Coaching to improve motivation, focus, knowledge and skills, resilience and decision making so the participant becomes more independent with day-to-day activities
• Assisting with finding and working with other mental health supports and services outside of the NDIS help achieve recovery goals
• Supporting more positive connections and experiences with family, friends and others.

Align with Plan Manager, Service Coordinator

NDIS participants have a team of people around them to help them achieve their goals. We work closely with them as part of your team to help you achieve your goals and life outcomes.

Improve Daily Living - Skills, Confidence, Abilities

We work individually with each NDIS participant to support them achieve their desired outcomes.
We offer opportunities to develop self-knowledge, emotional acceptance and personal growth.
We include enabling them to gain the maximum benefit from their personal resources. This includes assisting the participant to work towards their personal goals and gain the outcomes they desire

Improve Relationships

We help participants build and maintain key relationships in their lives - family, friends, social groups, work. We develop communication skills, conflict management and emotional regulation within the boundaries of relationships. Its aim is to improve socialising and contact with others.

Design Specialist Behaviour Intervention Support

We offer individual and highly specialised intensive support interventions to NDIS participants. These could include significantly harmful or persistent behaviours of concern which are likely to result in NDIS participants becoming further isolated.

Access Employment Assessment & Counselling

This service enables participants to become emotionally fit enough to find a job, keep it and enjoy it when meeting the job goals.
We work with disability employment providers who have access to available jobs.

Free, No Obligation Discussion - 20 minutes

The purpose of this discussion is for you to determine if our approach is going to work for you. 

It is also for us to determine if we are able to help you.

Plan Managers and Service Coordinators are welcome to use this time to discuss their participants.