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Psychotherapeutic Services

Life doesn’t make any sense without interdependence. We need each other, and the sooner we learn that, the better for us all

Erik Erikson

Adult Therapy
& Counselling

Many adults loose themselves in the busyness and rush of their lives – which gives too much power to their internal feelings, thoughts, perceptions and behaviours.  Distress, anxiety and depression tend to keep them stuck. It is time to change this now

Teen Therapy
& Counselling

Teenagers find it distressing and stressful to create a calm and peaceful place for themselves in their lives, – which sets them on a path of constant distress and pain as they become adults.  It can be stopped now.

Children Therapy
& Counselling

Children younger than 10 years need stable relationships around them to develop trust and learn how to be in their own relationships. “Bad” behaviour is often an expression of feelings which overwhelm. Parents can do something to help – Now

Family Separation Support
& Counselling

Separation, and divorce is seldom an easy path for anyone in the family. Domestic Violence, Custody battle and revengeful actions make this path even more difficult. 

Discover how to help everyone  get through this stage- Sooner rather than later. 

Physical Body Support

Living with pain is difficult and it often seems never ending.  Pain is a physical sensation – and research shows it can be actively controlled and contained by ourselves.

Why wait ? It might just get better.

Leader Support
& Coaching

Being a leader – of a business, a team or even a Board is personally taxing, often isolating and always stressful.

Leadership needs us to be accessible, open, knowledgeable, always on call and authentic what ever that means.

What about you – what are doing to support and replenish yourself? 

First Session and Intake

Intake is 30 minutes prior to your first
session to jointly determine treatment
$ 280 per 1.5 hours
  • 30 minutes Assessment and Intake
  • 55 minute Session

Adult Package

Intake Session and
4 therapy/counselling sessions
$ 825 per 4 Sessions + Intake Session
  • Available after Intake Session
  • Discounted Session fee
  • Reduce Intake Session fee when purchased

Individual Sessions

Amet proin vitae quisque ultricies et ultricies
$ 180 per 55 minute session

If You are in Trouble Need My Help, Contact Me!

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