Barbara Craven

Accredited Clinical Hypnotherapist,
Leadership and Performance Coach.

Barbara is the Founder and Principal Psychotherapist at Changed Insights.

Barbara also works with clients and offers strategic psychotherapy to children, teens, and adults, as well as parents and couples.

Barbara continues to offer personal development and support to executive leaders and business owners.

Barbara qualified  and registered as a Psychologist in South Africa where she specialised in organisational development and personal therapy. She is passionate about the significant role Psychotherapists play within mental health and believes combining Strategic Psychotherapy principles with the power of hypnosis, psychotherapy, or other modalities, is critical to making a positive difference to people’s mental health.

Barbara has held Board and Executive leadership positions in Southern Africa, UK, and Australia working with the psychology or “underbelly” of organisations – the culture, leadership, values, and organisational development. She has held various operational executive roles across many functions which provided a sound foundation for her consultancy and advisory business.

Barbara uses her Executive qualification in Business Leadership, from the Business School of Leadership,  to work with business leaders, sharing strategies, advice, and processes to reduce anxiety, stress, depression, conflict, and burnout which is highly prevalent among leaders in today’s every challenging business environment.

Barbara returned to personal therapy to work with children and families who are caught up in Domestic violence, custody disputes, separation upheavals and associated long-term trauma held by children and teenagers. She passionately believes a key to reducing incidents of domestic violence can be found in improving anger management skills, growing self-resilience, enhancing one’s personal capacity to cope successfully with change, anxiety, and life. She is keen to work with and develop best practise with other therapists in order to help men and boys escape their recurring approach to handling stress, whilst also supporting women and girls to break out from harmful situations.

Where does Barbara give back to the industry?

She is the National Treasurer on the Board of the  Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA), the peak body for Hypnotherapists in Australia. She  believes Hypnotherapists have a vital role to play in supporting the mental health of communities. 

She is a Partner in The Achievement Network, a bespoke change agency which publishes personalised and validated personal development programmes on individual process and decision making.

Barbara is passionate about learning and development. She is a Faculty member of the Institute of Applied Psychology, where she lectures and supports students learning Strategic Psychotherapy  and Clinical Hypnotherapy.

Barbara is Vice President of the International Strategic Psychotherapists Association. She really enjoys working with and sharing mental health advances with qualified, and qualifying,  strategic psychotherapists who want to combine their own modalities or approaches to supporting and developing the mental health for their clients.

Do you want to work with Barbara? 

Book some time to talk about your options with her – She is a registered, accredited Hypnotherapist and Strategic Psychotherapist who can help you.

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Associations & Professional Licenses

Associations are the regulatory bodies which ensure Counselors, Psychotherapists, Clinical Hypnotherapists  and Psychologists, reach the required  education standard to work with the public, and then maintain their knowledge and expertise.

Mental Health professionals are required to keep up to date with the advances and developments in their field, as well as perform within clear ethical and professional standards of behaviour. Association membership requires mental health professionals to annually confirm they are keeping their expertise up to date and are working within the Code of Conduct. Licenses are updated annually and require continuing education and ethical standards to be met in order for renewal.

Barbara is a registered member with these associations.


Barbara is a confessed “learn – a – holic”.

She stays up to date with current research and best practices in mental health support – which means she is forever learning.

These Universities and schools are where she learnt her trade.

Safety Checks

Personal safety is critical – for you and for our therapists.

These checks are external safety checks needed to ensure your safety – as well as our own.

Barbara holds  these valid and up to date certificates 

What is Robust Mental Health?

Barbara shares a firm belief that being robust means being healthy, vigorous, aware of self and of others.

Robust mental health is present when we have a strong, healthy, and even vigorous,  relationship with ourselves and the world we live in. 

Maintaining our mental and emotional health is a lifelong process. It is by nature proactive and uses different strategies, skills, tactics to strengthen our mental, emotional and psychological resources…  which we use to interact with our world.

It also means being courageous enough to consider another’s view of ourselves, and brave enough to share our own views. It means to be powerful and strong within ourselves – respecting our values, challenging our beliefs, and honouring our own needs.

The World Health Organisation states mental health as a “a state of well-being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.”

What do you think robust mental health involves?

Our life experiences have a way of testing our mental health, or even derailing it at times.

How can we help you regain or develop robust mental health in your life right now?

Barbara brings...

Expertise and Experience

Barbara has many years of varied and in-depth experience of working with people across all ages trying to deal with the impact their life experiences have on their health.

She brings a deep, scientifically based knowledge of how to get past the issues, so we feel whole, strong, robust, and well enough to live our life on our terms.

With Barbara, you move fast and with focus. You access her expertise and your experiences to achieve your results quickly. You leave knowing what to do to maintain, and continue to grow, your mental health.

Listening and Understanding

We often hear… “But I am unique” … and our answer is “Of Course, you are unique.”  You have your own views, values, choices you have made and beliefs you hold.

Barbara listens for these as you tell your story – and makes sure she understands what you say and what you mean. 

She finds your anchors, blockages, walls and views, which hold you back, or keep you stuck.

Barbara supports you to  remove these  anchors, blocks, walls or boundaries so you are able to go and live the story of your life as you choose.

Right Approach for You

You want to achieve the right outcome for yourself. The only way to this,  is to make sure we create a Mental Wellness plan which is right for you, your issue, and your intended goal(s).

Barbara uses different therapy and counselling techniques for this reason.

Barbara tailors the approaches used to fit what you need. Your treatment or session plan is as unique as you are.

It is within this plan that you learn the skills you need, gain insights which might help you, and gives the motivation and energy to do the work needed to get closer to your goal.

She brings her approaches or therapy  to help you take yourself to where you want to be, give you the skills, insights, and motivation needed for your journey towards having robust mental health and well being.

What do you need to regain control over your mental health and wellness?

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