Your Insights ... Your Powerhouse

Therapy Is Unique to You

We all have the capacity to gain an accurate and deep understanding of someone in our life, or something which happens around us.

This deep and accurate understanding is what we call “insight”

Insights form the cornerstone of how we live our lives – shaped by  the kinds of  decisions we make – every minute of every day.

Being insightful is a powerful act of seeing inward into a situation and to appreciate its nature.

At Changed Insights we know, from what our clients tell us, that we are only in control of our responses to events and people in our lives when we look into ourselves.

When we identify our own “somethings” which influences our decisions, only then can we understand our selves deeply enough to change ourselves permanently.

However, merely being insightful does not necessarily change anything.
Using self insights to make different or more effective decisions does enable us to deliver important change in our lives. It also  create opportunities for us to achieve completely different results.

As adults, we often assume facts, theory, data, or modelling is what informs our decisions. Therefore, if we get these right, then the decisions we make have to be right.

In  today’s world, our lives are  constantly being knocked by  unexpectedly changes, pressures and surprises. This by itself makes it really hard to make “right” decisions. Often it is really hard to decide what “right” is!

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Taking the first step on a journey is often the hardest, until we take it and find it was easy after all.

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