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Regain your mental health
Restore your mental wellbeing

There is no need to remain stuck with feeling unhappy, overwhelmed, angry, anxious or any other feelings which may be getting in the way of you achieving your life goals.

It is totally OK to learn how to “unstick” yourself, how to identify and then gain control over your feelings so your head can think more clearly. 

Learning how to do this, puts you back in control of your mental wellbeing.

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This 15 minute no Obligation discussion is to:

  • Give you the opportunity to decide which options may be helpful to resolve your current situation
  • Give me the opportunity to determine if we are able to help you.


Book a time to suit yourself, have a discussion with us, then make your decision.

Mental Health Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is a private, confidential conversation which may have very little to do with illness, or medicine.

It is all about gaining insights, learning, taking action and healing.

So,  can you do this?  Yes of course you can.

At Changed Insights, we use different techniques to help you learn what you need to take the appropriate action and heal.

Some of these may include:

  • Strategic Psychotherapy
  • CBT Psychotherapy
  • ACT  Psychotherapy
  • Gordian Psychotherapy
  • Clinical Hypnotherapy
  • Clinical Counselling
  • Coaching for Skill Development

How can Strategic Psychotherapy Help You?

Simply described:  It helps you become aware of, take control, and change HOW you think about your life,  both now and in the future.

Individual Adult Therapy

Adults have picked up many habits and ways of thinking in their life. Not all of these are helpful! 

It is very frustrating, and often disheartening,  to feel stuck and overwhelmed time and again during our lives.

Discover what  you can do differently to get past anxiety, depression,  anger outbursts, trauma episodes and whatever else you feel is holding you back. 

Psychotherapy interventions for adults help you uncover the processes you use when you think, feel, remember and decide how you react to different situations.

We know unless we change and develop HOW we think about  different situations,  we are never going to get  a different result.

Teenagers Therapy

Teens face different challenges to those of their parents. We all say this – however we know  on any given day during 2022  we will be wading through 34GB of data. 

What is really different is that today’s teens are saturated by mobile technology and social media. 

In numerouse studies, covering 11 million teens, it is clear teens today  are not well prepared for adult life in today’s world.

They have poorer mental health,  they tend to be growing up more slowly, – but they do care for others more deeply.

Psychotherapy interventions for teens teach them important life and relationship skills, as well as develop their ability to self regulate, make valid personal decisions as they attempt to live in their challenging world.

Children Therapy

Being a child today has also changed significantly,  children tend to have much less unstructured, free, unsupervised time.  They are moved from one adult led, adult structured and adult controlled activity  to the next.

They are not learning HOW to think for themselves, how to be resilient, how to  identify which emotions they can describe in words and which ones they think are best described with a kick or a scream.

Psychotherapy interventions for children teach them important new skills – but more importantly, they connect these new skills to the childs brain development.  

Supporting a child’s ability to think and make decisions properly is critical to creating robust mental health for life.

Why Choose Changed Insights?

Our Therapists bring their own experiences as well as  similar and different psychotherapy techniques. This means we are able to treat a range of problems, issues, and concerns.

We have specialized in  children, teens and parents who are caught up on the emotional rollercoaster of  separation, custody battles,  intervention orders, and domestic violence.

This means we are experienced in dealing with emotional challenges of  anxiety, depression, anger, trauma,  self worth, revenge and despair.

Children react with “poor” impulse control and behaviours… Teens act out with anger and  aggression, or withdrawal.

The “wronged” adult partner may feel enraged and unfairly treated, whilst the  other partner may be afraid, angry and also feel unfairly treated.

Unfortunately,  we see it all too often. Research is now clearly showing children who are caught up in family circumstances like these have difficulty building positive relationships during their life. They are also more likely to have anxiety or depressive episodes in their young adult lives.

We can help as we ...

Doing the work for relationships

Treat many, but not all
Mental Health Situations

We treat every day anxiety, depression, trauma, stress and overwhelm. We support family members experiencing domestic upheaval or change; children and teenagers involved in custody battles; anger management; and family conflict. Pre and Post natal depression for women and men, couple therapy as well as teen and child behaviour issues are also supported. We help with pain management and pain reduction for children, teens and adults.
We currently do not treat addictions, weight loss, or stopping smoking .
We have strong networks with really great colleagues who can support and help with these issues.

Combine Academics & Experience

We too are human. We know how it feels to be stressed, anxious or overwhelmed. We understand the range of emotions which often feel out of control when dealing with our own family conflicts.
Wisdom comes from combining experience with knowledge.
Our therapists are registered and up to date with the theories and models we use to help clients get results.

Personal experiences provide a platform for authentic empathy whilst the knowledge delivers a route through the pain and issue.
This rich contribution is available for clients seeking to find solutions together with us.

Extensive Business Experience

Some of our therapists bring experience from business and executive leadership positions.
We wish all problems stayed at home, but they do not. Senior Leadership positions held in uncertain times tend to reflect personal issues which play out in team meetings, board meetings and power plays. This regularly results in dysfunctional leadership, teams as well as poor or unstable performance. The resultant anger and frustration go home and get expressed there too. There does not seem to be a break in the stress and anxiety.
The more stress and ambiguity within the business, the greater the chance of dysfunctional behaviours in teams. Our Leader Programmes are confidential and based away from the work place.

Choose an Appointment

Change your life for better!

The only thing you really control, is how much you want the benefits of having  robust mental health. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Making the decision to learn more about yourself, about how you make decisions within your world, as well as develop different skills is relatively easy to do.

Making an informed decision about yourself and how you live in your world  requires information.

Taking action on that decision takes courage.

Many of our clients have asked various questions about the therapy process.  We hope they help you with the right information to make your informed decision regarding how you choose to live your life, both now and in the future.

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